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For the benefit of corp members who

might love to pursue their second degree outside

the shore of this country immediately after their

service year, I would love to share scholarships

opportunities with you. You can upload scholarship

info available in UK @ more on,,,,,,,,,,

May be you are not sure of courses available for

you or not sure of which institution offers your

course of interest you can access the online

database to find course of study and institution by logging on

You can order for 'COMMONWEALTH

Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
Fax +44 (0) 7387 2655
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7380 6700

...Don't forget this source when it becomes a success story. Thanks

Artist should check this out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My NYSC Experience

I’m just bidding bye to NYSC with this few lines and for all who have been part of this dream I say THANK YOU. The efficacy of this project will never dawn on many until many years after the service year. To those who are smart enough to be part of this hall of fame I say CONGRATULATIONS, because this will eternally be their point of reference, unending portfolio. Many corps members I tried to sell the potent of this project but very few bought into it. At what price? JUST FREE OF CHARGE at my own expenses. could have been to many a pointer to what they have done for community development.

Abolanle, it's cool partnering with you...And to everyone just passing out of NYSC scheme, I say don’t ever stop believing in yourselves. Just like the Bank PHB slogan, THE WORLD IS A STAGE, GO WRITE YOUR OWN SCRIPT…

My work featured on the dailies of Sunday 8th March 2009, turn to page of 32 and 33… SUNDAY PUNCH… I’m just UNSTOPPABLE… To all that have supported me, I say THANK YOU… I only hope you can feel my hug, THANK YOU, I couldn’t have done it without you guys.


Last Valentine Day, February 14, 2009 it was recorded on page 6 of Sunday Tribune, 15th February, 09 that the number of condoms used in Nigeria was conservatively put at 2.5 million, while global consumption of the product was put at approximately 1.2 billion. My worry is that, ‘how many of these condoms were properly and correctly put to use. This piece was inspired by that information to write about condom and to conduct condom demonstration for fellow corps members.

Why you should use condom, the fact is that it’s better not to have sex before marriage, but if you are going to have sex it’s advised to stick to one partner and use condom correctly and consistently. Condoms reduce the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases if consistently and correctly used. Also condoms reduced the risk of unintended pregnancy.

So, how strong are condoms? Condoms do not easily break if they are used properly. Firstly, never use a lubricant like Vaseline, cocoa butter or any oily cream on the condom- they weaken the latex. If you want to use a lubricant use water based ones like LUBRICA. Caution is not to rush or force sex, love making should be tenderly.

You may ask if condom actually reduce the risk of contracting HIV. I will say YES, IF correctly and consistently used. If you blow up a condom like balloon it holds the air. Air is made up of small units much smaller than HIV. If air cannot get through, it makes it impossible for HIV to get through.

My advice is that ladies should be bold enough to initiate condom and get to know how to wear condom for guys. It’s better advised that the woman should wear it for the man.

For effective use of condom, these are the steps to be taken at infra:
* Feel the rough edge of the condom sachet with your finger and tear open the packet carefully. Don’t use teeth or sharp blades.
* Hold the tip of the condom to expel the air; then roll it down over the erect penis; this allows room at the end to collect the sperm (come).
* After Sex, withdraw the penis before it goes soft, holding the base of the condom as you do so.
* Tie the condom in a knot (to hold in the sperm) and then dispose by burying or burning. Don’t re-use condoms. USE A NEW CONDOM EVERY TIME YOU HAVE SEX.

I extended my appreciation to The Project Manager, of KWASACA for the support rendered, regrettably, I couldn’t included the pictures from the certificating awarding ceremony of my peer educators due to some technical problems. The condoms used in the pictures for this project was given by KWASACA. Thank you for your partnership.
The models are fellow corps member, Batch A 2008.


I will like to bring to the notice of the stakeholder of the NYSC a movie that I think in the first place before it premier to public view should have been banned. Especially at a time when parents are sensitive as to what become their wards when answer the clarion call of NYSC.
The tithe of the movie is LOST IN THE JUNGLE from the table of RICH-ROCK PRODUCTION. It came out sometimes in 2007 and it was an ignominy display of NYSC scheme to the public.
Can’t just shout, I leave the judgment in the hands of the authority of NYSC and it’s necessary something be done so as to throw caution to prevent future reoccurrences from our movie producers. NYSC image should be protected and no more ill-informed display of NYSC scheme. THANK YOU…. I arise!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Time shall not permit me to recount the beautiful memories of Oro-ago. It is of a rare opportunity and destiny making to have served the nation in the time of the following people...The likes of…

*SHEILA ODUFA IMOMOH was born on the 1st of June, a graduate of Business Administration from Ambrose Ali University, ekpoma, edo State. She enjoys cooking, reading and listening to music. Her parting words are… ALWAYS WAIT FOR GOD’S TIME COS IT’S THE BEST TIME FOR ANYTHING GOOD CAN HAPPEN. … She answers calls on 08063376331.

*IWU GLORIA studied Linguistic from the University of Port Harcourt, a lover of sports and music, and her Birthday is 21st of October…08038469090…She leaves this sentence behind, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF.

*JAMES IVARAH is sculptor and alumnus of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State. His birthday is 5th of October. He loves Painting, drawing, singing and listening to music…08062117642…08052398523. His parting words are BE CREATIVE AND AFFECT OTHERS POSITIVELY.

*CHUKWU NKIRUKA ENDERLINE is a marketer and alumna of Our Saviour Polytechnic, Enugu. Her birthday is January 6, and she loves reading, singing and dancing…as for the parting words she says LETS THE BROTHERLY LOVE CONTINUES…08065369271…07057895519…

*OBELE OKWUCHUKWU MARTHA studied Marketing from Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu. She is an Arian, born on 11th of April. She dances and jokes, and a fun loving person…holla her on 08037397667. Her parting words are THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUE AND GIVES LIFE.

*MARIAM ALHASSAN was born on 8th of August, loves reading, travelling and sleeping. She is a Business administrator and a graduate of Kano State Poly…08065570234…She is parting with this…PUT GOD FIRST IN WHATEVER YOU DO. I LOVE YOU ALL.

*ADERANTI TUNJI enjoys meeting people and you can meet him on 08039433619. Born on the 24th of June, a graduate of Agric Economics from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho. He was the PRO 2 of the CDS. His parting words areHEIGHT BY GREAT MEN REACHED AND KEPT, WERE NOT ATTAINED BY SUDDEN FLIGHT BUT THEY WHILE THEIR COMPANION SLEPT, KEPT TOILING UPWARDS IN THE NIGHT.

*NWOKEKE OKECHUKWU JAMES a civil engineer bagged a bachelor degree from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Born 29th of January and love reading…08068749700…He was the PRO 1 of the CDS and has this to say, REMAIN IN GOD’S LOVE.

*FAMORIYO ADENIRAN MATHEW enjoys reading, travelling and music. He was the CDS Coordinator. He is a banker and a graduate of Osun State College of Technology…08068926409…His birthday is February 8. His parting words are IN HIS HAND OUR FUTURE ARE, THEREFORE WE MUST RELY ON HIM FOR EVERYTHING.

*AKINYEMI GRACE BIMPE studied Agric Economics from Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State. Her birthday is July 15…Holla on 08069032383, 08076122507. She’s a great cook and love travelling. Her parting words are ALWAYS TRUST GOD.

*KUYE OLAYINKA E. an alumna of University of Ado-Ekiti with a degree in Business Administration. Her birthday is MARCH 10…She love reading and making friends…she could be reached on 08064738827 and her parting words has to be ALWAYS BE YOURSELF.

*OKUMOKO BULODISIYE graduated in Law from the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State. She loves music and meeting people and making friends. Her birthday is 1st of June and she has this to say AS MANY THAT HAVE NOT COME TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH, NEEDS IT BECAUSE JESUS ALONE CAN SET YOU FREE.

*OKEDINACHI JOSEPHINE U. enjoys so much imparting lives and a great fan of this dream Her hubby includes reading, writing and meeting people. She was the General Secretary of the CDS. She is an Arian, born on April 5th. She bagged HND in Mass Communication from Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu…08035292095…08083374365…Her parting words are INVESTMENT IS THE BEST GIFT TO HUMANITY, INVEST IN PEOPLE, INVEST IN YOUR DREAM…

*OLUSEGUN MICHAEL, ADENIYI (that’s me) has an insatiable quest for adventure, sight seeing and love music and watching good movies. Another Arian in the house, was born on 16th of APRIL. He is alumnus of the great University of Benin , Edo State with a Bachelor degree of Art in Painting. He is an artist with portfolio on and personal page on …08030874474…He was in PET CDS. He is parting with JUST LIKE THE MTN's SLOGAN, GO START SOMETHING, and THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOUR MANIFESTATION.

*ADESINA ABOLANLE BEATRICE is a praying person. She studied Biochemistry from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye, Ogun state. Her birthday is June 27. She was in PET CDS…08034618298 …08061605269…She was the Treasurer of the CDS. Her parting words are TRUST GOD ALWAYS.

*AMUSA SEDAMI ATOKE is an alumna of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State. She is a mass communicator who loves singing and smiling. Her birthday is February 7. Holla on 08036389598, 08028352949. Her parting words are ALWAYS STAY IN GOD’S PRESENCE.

*IBHAYEHOR THERESA is a mass communicator, alumna of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State. She enjoys acting, dancing and singing…Her birthday is May 21…08038162914…08050436118…Her parting words are IN EVERY THING YOU DO IN LIFE REMEMBER LOVE BEAR ALL THINGS.


Since the inception of the NYSC Scheme in 1973 a total of 786 corps members have received the Presidential award. About 33 corps members received the 2008 President’s NYSC Honours award. It’s a means whereby the corps members are being honour and rewarded for their exceptional and selfless service to the communities where they had their primary assignment.
The effect of this Award on corps members is enormous and it spurs them for excellent service. It encourages, motivates and inspires them to wholesome of selfless service and community work.


Serving in Oro-ago has made me fulfilling in the area of community service. NYSC gave me an opportunity to use what I got, which is talent in Art to effect change and value on a generation.
When I look forwards to 26th February when I shall be passing out I realized I have paid my own due to community development. I have built creative minds and help my students to tap into their potentials and attain creative excellence. Out of my dedication the students been helped improve their skills and proficiency in the art.
Youths of the land of Oro-ago have learnt the art of tie and dye under my tutelage. Fellow corps members have been inspired by my adventurous and creative spirit.
Lest do many know that I’m an artist of international standard with a great artistic prowess. My portfolio of works and other creative endeavour could be accessed on the internet addresses at infra,,,,,,,

Just can’t shout, I have delivered!



The term blog is the short term for web log referring to an online journal that can be accessed by others. It’s a platform that opens you to self-publish and gives you a loud voice in today’s information savvy world. It is a democratization of the media which is open to everyone to explore their prowess in writing, design and creativity.
If this encompassing new technology could be adopted into the curriculum of the Mass communication programme, it will aids their core works and expose them to professional life while still in school. They can write and publish from the corner of their hostels, classrooms and this will in a great return enhance their commitment to the course.
Evaluation of the student of mass communication can be better accessed through individual’s blog. The fact is that blog reflects the journalism strength, writing prowess, potentials and personality of the owner.
Blog is a medium by which a young mass communicator going into print journalism can fully channel his career. He could develop his style through blog and improve on his writing proficiency and professionalism on particular issues ragging from art to culture, entertainment, education, religion, technology, romance and sex.
Blog allows documenting anything the way you want it with one being the chief editor. Meanwhile the lecturer can acts like a supervisor and a check on the students progress. That’s why it is self-publish, one can publish text, images, and what have you.
To start blogging with Google at you have to have a Gmail account. Other free host sites for blogging include Yahoo’s and
Profit host like is nearly as quick to use and provides more bells and whistles with which you can customized and manage your space. You can get started now, all you need do is to create a profile, choose a template and publish a post of great interest.
However, blog is an avenue for individual writers to market himself/herself, network and make money online depending on the content of the blog. This is enhanced by building traffic to your blog and register with Google adsense at . This is a means for students of mass communication to start making money within the four wall of classroom.
Samples are at infra…

Thank you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Brig-Gen. Maharazu Ismaila Tsiga, becomes the 14th Director-General of the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC).

The outgoing Director-General, Brig. Gen Yusuf Bomoi

The new Director-General; Brig-Gen. Maharazu Ismaila Tsiga
Brig-Gen. Maharazu Ismaila Tsiga, becomes the 14th Director-General of the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC). He assumed duties on Monday 26th January, 2009 in Abuja as the new chief executive of the scheme. Tsiga, at the official take over from the outgoing Director-General, Brig. Gen Yusuf Bomoi, solicited the cooperation of the public and members of staff of NYSC to enable him excel.
“I am very happy to be back to the NYSC family. I am coming for the third time. I want to request that you kindly give me your full cooperation, so that we can have a very successful, meaningful and result-oriented tenure. I am appealing to all of you. Please note that a tree cannot make a forest,” Tsiga said.
Tsiga served as the Military Assistant (MA) to D-G, NYSC between 1992 and 1994. Tsiga said he will work hard towards the realisation of the objectives of the scheme.
“I left as a Military Assistant 18 years ago, and I am coming back to meet the same people I worked with. I am therefore soliciting for your commitment and cooperation.
“I cannot succeed without your advice and wisdom, never mind that am coming for the third time. This is a different tier entirely,” Tsiga said.
The outgoing D-G, appealed to members of staff to assist his successor to take the scheme to great heights adding that the office of Director-General is enormous and challenging.
“I have known Tsiga in the last 26 years, and I have no doubt that given his vast experience as a military officer, he will steer the affairs of the NYSC very well,’’ he said.

Brigadier General Maharazu Ismaila Tsiga was born in Tsiga, Bakori Local Government Area of Katsina State in 1957. He attended College of Education, Kafanchan, the University of Abuja and Lagos State University.
He did his National Youth Service in 1981/82 in Bauchi State, and thereafter enlisted into the Nigerian Army and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in 1983. Since then he has served in the Nigerian Army in various capacities.
Instructor, Nigerian Army Education Corp, Ilorin 1984-1992
Millitary assistant to Director General NYSC 1992-1994
Staff Officer II Data and later Garrison Commander, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Minna 1994-1996
Staff Officer and Later Liaison Officer, Army HQ, Department of Military Secretary 1996-1998
Senior Research Officer, Defence HQ, Abuja 1998-2000
Commandant, Command Secondary School, Jos 2000-2004
Staff Officer I, Logistics and later Training, Nigerian Army Education Corps HQ, Yaba Lagos 2004-2005
Director, Nigerian Army Library Services Lagos 2005-2006
Director, Nigerian Army Museum, Zaria 2006-2007
Assistant Director, Army Education, 82 Divisions, Nigerian Army Enugu 2007 – January 2009
Appointed 14th Director General of the NYSC in January 2009

General Tsiga is the 3rd ex-corp member and the first former Military Assistant to a Chief Executive of NYSC to head the scheme. Brigadier General MI Tsiga’s Military profile includes Direct Short Service Course, Young Officers’ Course (Education), Instructional Technology and Range Management courses.

His career in the Nigerian Army spanning 26 years has seen him rise from the rank of 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant in May 1984, Captain in May 1988, Major in May 1993 and Lieutenant Colonel in May 1998. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel in August 2003 and then to his current rank of Brigadier General in August 2008.

The General has been decorated with the military medals of Forces Service Star (FSS), Meritorious Service Star (MSS) and Distinguished Service Star (DSS)

For his leisure, Tsiga enjoys reading, sporting activities and management.

He is happily married with seven (7) children and three (3) grand children.

Monday, February 2, 2009


NYSC provides a potent opportunity for Nigeria graduates to engage in community work and subsequently contribute their own quota to the nation building.
This has been happening for the last 36 years but most of the exploits and selfless service of the corps members to the community and the nation at large do go unnoticed. This vacuum is what I set out to fill when I answered the clarion call last year. I want to create an online documentation of the works and input of corps member to the community they are serving.

The NYSC scheme was created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The unfortunate antecedents in our national history gave impetus to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973 which stated that the NYSC is being established "with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity".

As a developing country. Nigeria is further plagued by the problems attendant upon a condition of under development, namely; poverty. mass illiteracy, acute shortage of high skilled manpower (coupled with most uneven distribution of the skilled people that are available), woefully inadequate socioeconomic infrastructural facilities, housing. Water and sewage facilities, road, healthcare services, and effective communication system. . Faced with these almost intractable problems, which were further compounded by the burden of reconstruction after the civil war, the government and people of Nigeria set for the country, fresh goals, and objectives aimed at establishing Nigeria as:
(a) a united, strong and selfreliant nation: (b) a great and dynamic economy; (c) a land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens; and (d) a free and democratic society.


IEC materials have always been an efficient tool and a boost to HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.
Recently Pet Olusegun Adeniyi and Bola Adesina got IEC materials from KWASACA to pep up their training.
The materials were shared between the peer educators to aid their works afterwards. The IEC materials are so colourful and beautifully illustrated.
Kudos to KWASACA and we look forward to more support from them.


Mrs. Bunmi Afolayan from NDHQ, Abuja was in Kwara State third week of January, 2008 for the assessment and evaluation of Peer Educator Trainers activities in the state. Mrs. Bunmi Afolayan visited the PETs at their domain in the zonal areas of the NYSC, Kwara State. Twenty active PETs from each zonal area were made to fill the questionnaire for the evaluation exercise.
NYSC zone 3 which comprises of Ifelodun L.G.A., Edu, Patigi and Moro got its share of the assessment exercise on Thursday, 15th January 2008 at Share which had in attendance of the LI from Ifelodun and Moro, MR. Samuel Nimyel and Mr. T. Akile respectively. The State PET Coordinator, Mrs. S.B. Obafemi was also present.
Beyond their expectation the turn up was incredible, more than twenty active PET were in attendance. Stipend was given to cover for transportation allowance at the closing.