Saturday, March 14, 2009


I will like to bring to the notice of the stakeholder of the NYSC a movie that I think in the first place before it premier to public view should have been banned. Especially at a time when parents are sensitive as to what become their wards when answer the clarion call of NYSC.
The tithe of the movie is LOST IN THE JUNGLE from the table of RICH-ROCK PRODUCTION. It came out sometimes in 2007 and it was an ignominy display of NYSC scheme to the public.
Can’t just shout, I leave the judgment in the hands of the authority of NYSC and it’s necessary something be done so as to throw caution to prevent future reoccurrences from our movie producers. NYSC image should be protected and no more ill-informed display of NYSC scheme. THANK YOU…. I arise!

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