Saturday, March 14, 2009

My NYSC Experience

I’m just bidding bye to NYSC with this few lines and for all who have been part of this dream I say THANK YOU. The efficacy of this project will never dawn on many until many years after the service year. To those who are smart enough to be part of this hall of fame I say CONGRATULATIONS, because this will eternally be their point of reference, unending portfolio. Many corps members I tried to sell the potent of this project but very few bought into it. At what price? JUST FREE OF CHARGE at my own expenses. could have been to many a pointer to what they have done for community development.

Abolanle, it's cool partnering with you...And to everyone just passing out of NYSC scheme, I say don’t ever stop believing in yourselves. Just like the Bank PHB slogan, THE WORLD IS A STAGE, GO WRITE YOUR OWN SCRIPT…

My work featured on the dailies of Sunday 8th March 2009, turn to page of 32 and 33… SUNDAY PUNCH… I’m just UNSTOPPABLE… To all that have supported me, I say THANK YOU… I only hope you can feel my hug, THANK YOU, I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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