Monday, December 22, 2008


A background in science of Pet Adesina Bola (FIRE) and the creative prowess of Pet Adeniyi Olusegun (ART) KW/08A/1172, has in a great measure enhanced the quality of their Peer Educators Training at Playfair Memorial College, Oro-ago, Ifelodun L.G.A. Pet Adesina Bola (FIRE) studied Biochemistry at OOU, Ogun state while Pet Adeniyi Olusegun (ART) is a graduate of Fine and Applied Art Department, University of Benin, Edo state.
In one of their classes Pet Adeniyi Olusegun (ART) created illustration on HOW HIV AFFECTS OUR BODY SYSTEM. Pet Adesina Bola (FIRE) gave vent to it by a verbal explanation of the drawing.

- Our body is protected against illnesses (such as cough, diarrhea) by the immune system (white blood cell). Immune system known as the body soldiers, combat illness without alerting the body except when it gets too serious.

- When HIV enters the human body the first assignment is to attack and if possible get ride of the immune system. At the end it weakens and destroys the immune system and open chances to other diseases to come into the body.

- Without the immune system different illnesses will attack the human body and eventually kills.

Conclusively, HIV is a virus that affects human beings and causes a lowering of the body’s immune system. This makes it impossible for the body to fight certain infections. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the infection while AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the disease.

- Abstain from sex before marriage.
- Be faithful to your sex partner (mutually).
- Condom use (correctly and consistently) for casual sex.
- Do not share any sharp object such as razor blades, knifes, needles, clippers, toothbrush e.t.c.


Paintings, drawings and colouring can change a frown to a smile in kids, says Gary Chapman, MFA of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Kids today are so focused on technology” he explains. “It makes them feel great when they construct something they can look at and admire”
This is an unequalled opportunity the UBE section of Playfair Memorial College, Oro-ago stood to enjoy since when corper Olusegun adeniyi has been posted there.
Ever since then, the student has been able to maximize their potentials in art. Student could now imprint their name on their table, chair, and can even customize their shirts with their names.
The students have the exposure of working with colour for the very first time. The experience has been wonderful and rewarding as more than average of the student populace had improved on their drawing skills.
Above many other things it is high time we put effort in harnessing the creative ingenuity of our young lads. We need creative leaders for nation building and economic growth. Corper Olusegun adeniyi is not just producing artists but creative, innovative and responsible individuals.


The National Adolescence Reproductive Health care & Support, HIV/AIDS Prevention Project through NYSC has been described as the most comprehensive and successful HIV/AIDS prevention awareness programme in the world.
Just of recent, 6th and 7th November precisely UNICEF sponsored group of Pet members in Kwara State to a two days interactive section at C & S College, Sabo Oke, Ilorin. It was successfully facilitated by Emmanuel Olaoti (BOBO), and Nwabueze Thank God (TG). Of course the present of our mother, Mrs Obafemi added more glow to it. The incentive given to the PET members was encouraging. We ask for more!


November 7, 2008 witnessed awareness rally on HIV/AIDS precaution and prevention in Oro ago township. The rally which took off from the Muslim Community Grammar School and had the grand finale at the market square the heart of the town.

The rally was put together by PET Mariam Alhassan (KW/08A/2122) and assisted by PET Bola Adesina (KW/08A/ ) and fellow corps members, Okedinashi Josephine, Sedami, Gbenga Ayodeji, Thessy, Bimpe. PET Olusegun Adeniyi (KW/08A/1172) designed the banner for the event.

Speeches were given by PET Mariam Alhassan (KW/08A/2122) and PET Bola Adesina (KW/08A/ ). Corper Thessy cheers the event with melodious and educative songs. There was condom demonstration for the market women and okada people by PET Mariam Alhassan.


8th of November 2008 recorded a great event of art of “tie and dye” in Oro-ago which had in attendance sons and daughters of the land and environs under the umbrella of ECWA Youth.
As part of his selfless service to the nation and in spirit of giving back to the society, corper Olusegun dished out from his wealth of knowledge in Art to empower the young lads of Oro-ago community.
The workshop started with the introductory lecture in colour theory and basic principle of Art. He practically and actively engaged every one in attendance.
For anyone to learn more on this trade of Art, tie & dye, corper Olusegun has an article on the subject on the internet and could be accessed by logging on


The effort of Mrs. S. B. Obafemi to the support of the PET members in kwara is highly commendable. She is one coordinator that just send out the PET member to the field and fold hands, she has always been part of the campaign. She is embodiment of what a leader should be.
For this year alone the PET in Ilorin and environs has recorded appraisable feet with great events which include lectures, seminars and rallies. One of the most recent is the seminar/ rally held at the Ilorin West L.G.A. on the 23rd of October 2008.
What we all anticipate is HIV/AIDS free society. To achieve this, our people have to embrace their message, get informed about HIV/AIDS and other health related issues.
However, the PET members in the state (kwara) needed to be given a pat at the back for their commitment and dedication to the advocacy against the spread of HIV/AIDS.